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The cables required to carry the energy produced from the solar panels directly affect the efficiency of the system. The outer structure of the solar panel cable is multi-layered and must be produced in accordance with all kinds of harsh weather environments. It should have an insulated structure and should be suitable for use outside without any protection cover.

Considerations for Solar Cable Selection

   - Poor quality cables heat up while conducting current, this heating reduces efficiency. Therefore, attention should be paid to cable quality.

   -If the places where the cables pass are open areas, the insulation of the cables in these areas is important. For this reason, the cables to be selected should be protected against invisible effects such as UV, but reducing efficiency.

   -  If the solar cable is longer than necessary, it will increase the voltage ratio on the cable, which increases the loss rate in production. Therefore, the correct calculation should be made and the appropriate cable should be used.

   - Choosing a poor quality or wrong cable will prevent you from getting enough performance from the system, and may cause insulation and melting problems.

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